Boots in India!

Buenos dias all!

Here I am sitting at the Toronto airport again, waiting for my flight to depart only unlike last time, I am not headed back to Vietnam, I am headed to….. INDIA!! I feel like for most of y’all my life is way too nomadic & confusing so to summarize: I’ve been in Costa Rica for the past few months, I am now headed to India for two months of work, then Greece, THEN back to Costa Rica. Only a few months into this new job and I am racking up the country counttttttt. India will be country #11 & Greece #12! I’ve always wanted to visit India but never had the chance when I was living in Asia but now I will have two months of work and exploration! Wooooo hoooo! Sooooooo excited for all things INDIA: Bring on the yoga, the saris, the naan, the samosas, everythanggggggg. These boots were made for Bollywood!!!

Namaste & Namaslay y’allllll.

Kara Lou

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