Pura Vida!

Holaaa amigos y Pura Vida!!

2018 has already been a whirlwind of adventure but I am happy to say that as crazy as these first few months have been, I am finally settling in and starting an exciting, new journey. As some of you may have seen I moved to Costa Rica!!


This move wasn’t totally random, it has been in the works for a few months now since I decided I wanted to leave Vietnam but I finally landed a dream job and arrived here in Costa Rica at the beginning of March! I am currently living and working in the city of Cartago, a short drive outside of the capital of San Jose.

If I had to use any word to describe my experience thus far in Costa Rica, I would use the word BEAUTIFUL! I mean look at this, it speaks for itself.

image1 (2).JPG

This is a park and lookout point to the Orosi Valley which is a town in the Cartago Province. I plan to spend many weekends here doing yoga, reading books and hopefully marinating in my hammock enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. This is what Pura Vida is all about! Everything that I have seen and experienced so far here in Costa Rica is leading me to believe that I will probably love everything here in this country.

As I said earlier, I’m finally settling into a new job, new country, new lifestyle and I couldn’t be more excited and happy with the decisions that have led me up to this point. On an exciting note, Costa Rica is my 10th country I have visited, finally taking me into the double digits, and the 2nd foreign country I have lived in. I am not really one for New Year resolutions, but I am striving to continue doing things that challenge me, scare me and most of all, make ME happy! Pura Vida!!


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