Flashback Friday: Harry Potter World, Universal 

I’m dedicating this flashback Friday to one of my favorite places….Harry Potter World in Universal Studios, Florida! As previously mentioned, I am a huge Harry Potter fan and so is my family so when I graduated from college, we took a celebratory trip to Harry Potter World!

As anticipated, this place is magical. As a full grown adult you can run around with a wand shouting spells at people and it’s totally normal and non judgmental. We even sat at a table in Diagon Alley drinking ciders and muggle watching one day. It was the best. 

The food at the Leaky Cauldron and the Three broomsticks is actually good for theme park food. We had a feast for the four of us and it was plenty. Butter beers were a must in the August Florida heat.

We stayed at one of Universal’s resorts which had many benefits: we didn’t have to drive anywhere because there are water taxis that will take you back and forth, we received a fast pass that let us cut some of the lines for rides and we had a pool to come back to during the afternoon heat.

One important thing to remember when going to places like Universal is to do your research! We went at the end of August when Florida schools were back in session so we avoided the big crowds and long lines.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have not traveled and explored enough in my own country but I can confidently say that if the opportunity arose for me to return to Harry Potter World, I would go in a heartbeat. It is truely a magical place where childhood dreams become a reality. 

Happy Friday y’all!


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