Cu Chi Tunnels 

Hey yall! Happy Independence weekend from here in Vietnam! I’ve had the past week off of work for our quarter break and was able to do some fun, touristy things with new friends! This is my first attempt at a video blog so let me know what you think! Low quality video, high quality shenanigans. Next time I will try to use my phone👌.

Anyways, here’s a little bit of our time spent at the Cu Chi Tunnels! The Cu Chi tunnels were a big part of why the Americans were defeated during what we would call the Vietnam War. It is was amazing to see this historical site and the tunnel system that was used by the Vietnamese. These tunnels are so tiny it’s hard to believe people actually lived underground in these conditions. Crazy! Shout out to Eric & Austin for visiting and spending time with me this week, I had a blast! Even bigger shout out to my girl Meaghan Puff for making it all happen!! Wish you could have been here with us!

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