Health Kick Hiiiiya!

I’ve been talking about how I’m going to get back into shape again and be healthier since I first arrived in Vietnam. Up until now, let’s be honest, it has not happened that is until now! After spending two weeks at home in Buffalo and gaining about 5-8 pounds, I am dedicating myself to a healthier lifestyle. I am going to do good things for my body and hopefully my body will do good things for me like not producing anymore kidney stones 😦

I am kicking off this new lifestyle of mine with a 10 day medicine cleanse given to me by a herbalist I saw here in Saigon. It was like something straight out of Harry Potter, such a cool experience! I am going to try my hand at vlogging and record this 10 day experience to share here so stay posted!

P.S. Has anyone tried this flavor of RX bars? They are delicious!!!! Tastes like a fruit roll-up but healthy which is HUGE. I wish I would have stocked up and bought more while I was home 😦 

Here’s to good health!


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