Buffalo Basics

Currently sitting at the airport waiting for my plane to arrive, feeling happy and sad at the same time. Spending the past two weeks at home in Buffalo with loved ones was a dream♥ I thought it would be weird going home for the first time since moving abroad but it felt like nothing had changed. The people, the places, everything was as I remembered (in a good way). I would summarize the past two weeks as a mix of old and new; Buffalo, or I should say Mick, staples with some new adventures thrown in.

Greatest highlight of the trip: Meeting my nephew Fishy baby!!!!Within hours of meeting him, he fell asleep in the arms and it was the most precious moment I’ve had with a baby thus far. Being an aunt is my favorite new job 🙂 P.S. I know I look real good in my Sabres pajamas & vintage ninja turtle t shirt. I can actually say I woke up like dissss.

I totally broke on my vegetarianism multiple times but I couldn’t resist at one of my mom & I’s favorite spot Tony’s. Our love for burgers, curly fries & ice cream never changes.

Another thing that never changes in Buffalo is the love for the Bills. They may be one of the worst teams in the NFL many years in a row but there is a special place in every Buffalonian’s heart for the Bills. We hit up the preseason game versus the Minnesota Vikings and drank plenty of Blue lights.

I wanted to check out new local noms while I was home so we went to Fry Baby Donuts on Elmwood to try the vegan donuts. They did not disappoint. The donuts are huge and packed with flavor. My personal favorite was the raspberry peach tye dye donut. The icing on the peach flavored donuts tastes just like peach rings. Amazinggggg.

We also totally stole Sarah from work and sat on the side of the road eating donuts and taking this selfie. The things we do for the blog 💁🏻

My mama & I made gnocchi for the first time together and they turned out to be a success! It was a lot easier than I ever thought and only required 3 simple ingredients: potatoes, an egg and flour. 

I could go on forever about all the fun I had these past two weeks so instead I’ll just show y’all some of my favorite moments. A picture is worth a thousand words right?


Now that I’m on my way back to ‘Nam, I am promising to (really) get back to the blog grind. That and getting my behind to a gym 😐. Good bye Buffalo & hello again Vietnam!








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