Half Year Celebration Highlights: Hoi An & Hanoi

Stops #2 and #3 on the Girls Trip / Food Tour: Hoi An and Hanoi, Vietnam

Of all the places I have traveled in Vietnam, Hoi An has been my favorite! The beach, the lanterns, the coconut cream coffee, I loved it all! There’s nothing like a fresh mango juice and rum on the beach 😎

 We rented bikes from our hostel, got lost in the streets of Hoi An and found some delicious veggo Vietnamese food! Cao lau is a dish local to the town of Hoi An.

After a few days in Hoi An, we flew to Hanoi which is Vietnam’s capital city. We tried the famous egg coffee at a cafe overlooking the lake on a perfectly hazy and misty day. My take on egg coffee: interesting eggy flavor, I prefer the coconut.

Next stop on the Girls Trip / Food Tour was…. the Phillipines! Stay tuned y’all, more highlights to come!


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