Decorate Your Place Like a Boss

Written by Sarah Ocean

There’s nothing worse than renting a new place (especially in a foreign country), letting time pass to one day realize that the decor is the same as when you moved in. It’s especially depressing when you’ve got a bad case of home sickness, and all you want is some feel-good vibes all up in your home base. Inspired by my recent ‘slump-tunnel‘ I decided it was time to add some pazazz to our apartment in Saigon. If you’re like Kara and I, you’ve got a quirky sense of style and enjoy a creative project. So here’s how we put it to use!

Use your kitchen back splash as a memo board. For urgent messages only.S1

A wall-sized vision board near your front door. This way your friends, family and dreams can never be far from your comings and goings 🙂S2

An obvious but under-rated must-have: the magnet.S3

Better yet, the magnetic basket.S4

The kitchen table agenda. Gotta keep your affairs in order (and your priorities organized).S5

A ball-point flower pen (surprisingly comfortable to use!) dedicated for agenda use. Les Etoiles de Noala post card. S6

Yoga Mat as a reminder to be good to yourself. More motivating yet: keeping it unrolled in front of the T.V. S7

Sweet smelling candle. If you’re like me and don’t usually like the scent of lavender but can respect it’s anti-stress effects, chances are, you could get down with this smell. It’s like a candied, slightly fruity version of lavender. Subtle and divine.S8

Regardless of how people look at you, you will NEVER be too old for stickers.S9

And perhaps my favourite, a heart-warming tea towel given to Kara by her Aunt. So far, it’s lived up to it’s sentiment 🙂 S10

Happy decorating!




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