Places & Spaces in Saigon

Heyy y’all! I want to wish all of the mamas out there a happy Mother’s Day! I am missing my mama like crazy & I cant wait to see her & hug her so soon!!

I’ve been living in Saigon for about three months now and it’s finally starting to set in that I’m living in a foreign country. I’m still getting to know Vietnam, Saigon especially, and all that this wonderful place has to offer. There is so much to see and do in this giant city, the opportunities are endless!

Today I spent the day visiting one of my favorite places, Nguyen Hue Walking Street! I find that the cafes and shops in the apartment building are so quaint and they each have their own different personality and atmosphere. I made a promise to myself that I will try out a new spot when I want to get out of the apartment and get some work done. The Walking Street cafes are high up on my list.

We grabbed lunch at Poke Saigon on the 2nd floor of Nguyen Hue. It is the one and only Hawaiian Poke restaurant here in Saigon. Customers can pick their favorite fresh ingredients and create a custom poke bowl. Nutritious & delicious!

My Poke bowl with a fresh pineapple juice. ‘Nam nomzzzzzz 😛

Today was a day well spent getting to know more spaces & places in this city. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend & hug yo mamas for me!


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