Current Happenings

Hey y’all! Sorry I’ve been slacking on my blog postings but I’ve been a very busy lady with all sorts of new things happening! For one, I received a full time J-O-B. Back to the teacherlady lyfe & grind. Here’s a Polaroid from my first day:

Sarah & I spent the weekend hanging with some awesome animals Blue, Izzy, Ozzie & Orange kitty. Sarah clearly didn’t enjoy herself at all 😂

We checked out the Pink Cathedral, Tanh Dinh fabric market & a second hand shop in District 1.


I scored a KILLER jacket at the second hand shop 2nd chance that I will be embellishing & wearing to Ultra in Singapore shortly. My life before & after finding this awesome jacket is portrayed in the pictures below:

Before (ft. Blue)                                After

Clearlllllly Sarah & I did not have any fun this weekend & don’t worry I will absolutely post pictures of the final product when the jacket is finished!

Today for some birthday fun we went to a pop-up bazaar market & saw some awesome local vendors here in Thao Dien.


Some shots of Angela’s Shop- Lace by Ollie Baby


She designs amazing clothes, accessories & bags. Y’all should definitely check them out! Well I’m off to continue the birthday celebrations. My first birthday spent living here in Vietnam! SO WEIRD TO THINK ABOUT! Sometimes I still can’t believe that I’m living in a foreign country. Here’s to hoping for many new & exciting adventures in my 24th year!


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