‘Nam noms 

Hello Friday & TGIF! As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, breakfast is my favorite meal so I wanted to share one of my recipes that I eat almost every day. Behold my chia seed yogurt parfait. It’s basically a mix of overnight oats & chia seed pudding. I typically make a dairy free version because I am lactose intolerant but it’s hard to find lactose free yogurt here in Vietnam. Here’s what I use:

Old fashioned oats, chia seeds, yogurt (Greek or regular is fine, I’ve been using Greek yogurt), coconut milk (can substitute almond milk or any other milk you like), honey & fresh fruits.

When I make my parfait, I don’t measure my ingredients anymore because I’ve gotten used to doing it so don’t worry if your measurements aren’t exact! It’s been a trial & error process for me with amounts, thickness & flavors so experiment away!

How to make:

I typically use a 1:1 ratio of oats to coconut milk. Measure a half cup of oats and a half cup of coconut milk. Mix together in a container or whatever you want to store your parfait in overnight. Add a scoop of yogurt or if you are using a single serve container, I would use about half of one. Add some honey, vanilla or any other flavoring you chose & mix it together. Add a tablespoon of chia seeds (less is more in this case, they expand) and mix well. I like to add some shredded coconut, chocolate chips or any other fruit I have to make it sweet. Cover your container & put in the fridge to soak overnight or for a few hours. Waaalah, chia seed yogurt parfait!

I put my bananas in the night before so they are a little brown but still equally as delicious! Try it out & let me know what y’all think! If you find any new flavor combos, let a sister know! 😛 Thanks for reading &  I hope you enjoy your noms!


2 thoughts on “‘Nam noms 

  1. Wow my son is also lactose and milk intolerance but i couldnt find enough ingredients to make a lactose free yogurt for him, then i did tried soymilk yogurt, goatmilk yogurt, but that time the shop i supplied also couldnt promote the products so well so i stop doing it, since i’ve read about this i will try again


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