10 facts about me

1. My sisters call me Boots or Boo which is where my inspiration for the name of my blog came from. These boots were made for blogging & that’s just what they’ll do!

2. I have a scar on my forehead from when I was younger. I like to think I have some long lost connection to Harry Potter. Just call me Kara Potter 😏

3. I recently became a vegetarian living here in Vietnam. It’s an adjustment but it’s helped me try a lot of new foods I would never tried before like tofu!

4. My family & I have two dogs named Malkin & Vanek. Our dogs are named after NHL hockey players because we are big hockey fans being from Buffalo & all. Go Sabres & Pens!


June Bug & Malkin↑   Dav & Vanek↓

5. I wore glasses from age 4 up until I was 15 years old. Laser eye surgery for the win!

6. I became an aunt for the first time in February! My oldest sister Jessie produced quite possibly the cutest little human ever named Fisher. You will be seeing a lot of his pictures here on my blog because he’s just adorable. “You may call me Aunt Bootsy”.

Everyone meet Fisher, Fisher meet my blog!


7. I am a caffeine lover in all forms. I love nothing more than a hot cup of tea or coffee with some sweets.

8. I love to marinate & what I mean by that is just hanging out and relaxing. Friends from college know this term very well & know that I live in what I call “marination nation”. It has become a catch phrase of mine & I love nothing more than posting up in my hammock on a nice, warm day & marinating.


9. I’ve been playing volleyball since I was about 10 years old. I played all throughout high school & for two years in college. Would love to get back into playing if I could find a place here in Saigon!

10. I love to craft, sew & really do anything that lets me be creative. I like to make my own clothes & jewelry hoping to one day be as amazing of a sewer as my Grammy is. She likes to call me her “troll in the basement” when I come over & spend hours working on projects using her machines 😊


10. Breakfast foods are my favorite kinds of food and I typically eat breakfast for dinner at least once a week when I am back home. Gimme all of the French toast & pancakes! NOM.

These are some fun facts all about me, Kara Lou! Feel free to comment or leave any questions you’d like me to answer about myself below! Thanks for reading!

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